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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This movie gets the award for most predicting movie of the year.

Let’s go through what happens.


The planet of the apes, it, uh, rises.

And that’s the movie in a nutshell.  Of course, the special effects were good, and it was a so-so plot.  Just…


I leave you with a beautiful nature scene.


Hahahahahahahaha!  Got you!

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Adventure Time Beemo Awesomeness

Do you guys watch Adventure Time?

Well, you should.  It’s pretty cool.

My favorite character, Beemo, is an awesome little computer-person.  For your personal entertainment, I give you a video of amazing Beemo moments.

P.S. I don’t own this, I didn’t make this, blah blah blah.

This is Commander Jibble signing out.

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My Magical Journey to a Date Farm

Today, I’m going to a date farm.

What is a “date?” you may be wondering.  Its a little fruit that grows on a palm tree.

And we’re going to drive 79.6 miles into the middle of nowhere.

For some dates.

I tell you how it went tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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Why I’m Afraid Of The Toilet

I am afraid of the toilet.


It comes down to this: spiders.  As disturbing as it is, I worry that a spider lives in my toilet.

I know. Freaky.

And what if, the spider decides to go for a little stroll, and accidentally ends up in my intestines?  Even worse, what if that spider was pregnant?

A pregnant spider.  In my intestines.  Ready to give birth to five hundred babies that will feast on my organs.

I am not looking forward to that day.

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