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Guess What?

You all just lost the game.

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HoLy CoW! TeH JiBbLeS iS BaCk!

Ok guys…

I’m sorry.  I haven’t posted in well…

A while.  Ok?  I know.  You can stop rubbing it in.

I am a bad blogger.  But, there is a bright side.

Because I’m… I’m going to post now!  And Mr. Hill, my science teacher, has a blog that has a link that links to my blog and people can look at my blog and i’ll be so happy and and and…

Sorry.  I got exited there.

For anyone who is new to my blog, i get exited alot.  I also tend to forget to capitalize my i’s.  Oops.  Did it again.

Also for anyone who is new to my blog, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!  You can all sorts of cool stuff like email notifications and solid gold bars!  Except for the gold bars.  You can’t have that.

Another thing, leave a comment.  Please.

And with that, I leave you with the worlds shortest video.



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Help Out Your Favorite Blogger?

Let me tell you a story.

A month ago, I used to get an average of 70 views a day.  It was great.

Yesterday, I got 8 views.  I can’t really think of what to say.


I’m sorry.  That just kind of came out.

Pity me.  Please. isn’t doing so well anymore, and I need your help.

Tell your dog.  Tell your mom.  Tell your hamster.


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A Car Ride O’ Contemplating


After a car ride of contemplating, I have finally come up with an idea  for a blog post.

This is a “Thank God” moment.

Anyways, after a car ride o’ contemplating I’ve realized I need a new slogan.  “Everything you wanted to know, and some of what you didn’t” just won’t cut it anymore.  With over a thousand views, I need something, well, better.

This is where you come in.

Leave a comment with your slogan, and make sure its a good one.  Don’t make it too long, either.  If it’s good enough, it might just be my new slogan.

That’s it.  Adios.

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After about 1 month or so, the day is finally here.

I have 995 views.

Only five more till 1,000.

The lucky 1,000th visitor will win 1,000 dollars cash!


Sorry, I’m broke.

Until next time, this is Captain Jibbles, blogger extraordinaire.

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I have 551 views and a subscriber in Kansas

I got an email today saying that Jacob from Kansas subscribed.

Woohoo!  Kansas, baby!  The Jibbles is going national!

Jacob, if your reading this, I have something I want you to hear:


And also, if anyone else is reading this, I want to thank you for 551 views and counting.  Still, it would be nice if you subscribed.  Just enter your email into the SUBSCRIBE! thingy on the homepage.  Do it.

Do it now.

Like, right now.

Go on.  I know you want to.



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