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We’re Back to the Ice Cream of the Present



Dippin’ Dots, the ice cream of the future, filed for bankruptcy today.

Kind of ironic.  The ice cream of the future has no future.


Goodnight everybody.

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Guess What?

You all just lost the game.

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Corn Maze Nightmare Fail

This is so fail I don’t even want to talk about it.

P.S. I don’t own this video.

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Posting from my iPod

Hi guys.

The only reason for this post is so I can say

Made on my iPod

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Ok.  This is really, really, hard to explain.

So, yeah, just watch the video.


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What is Wrong With Children?

I go to the swings a lot.

I know, I know, that’s not really mature.

But hey, swings are swings.


I was at the park a few days ago when 3 kids arrived.

Maybe five our six-year-old kids.

They had little Nerf guns and were pretending to have a battle.  It was kind of cute.  Until…

One of them fell over, and started cussing up a storm.  The other pretended to shoot him in the head, and made disgusting sound effects to enhance the effect.  They then started arguing about how heads explode in Modern Warfare 2.

It can’t get any worse, you say?  You are so wrong.  It can.

One of the kids walks over to a stroller, grabs the baby by the head, and throws him six or seven feet onto solid concrete.  He then walks away like nothing happened.

I sat, horrified, on the swing.

When they left, I ran over to check on the poor baby.

It was a doll.


I ask you to contribute to your community and wright a pledge in the comments that you will never, ever, throw a baby doll by the head incase some one is watching and they think its a real baby.

And with that emotional run on sentence, I leave you for today.

Bye Bye.


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Help Out Your Favorite Blogger?

Let me tell you a story.

A month ago, I used to get an average of 70 views a day.  It was great.

Yesterday, I got 8 views.  I can’t really think of what to say.


I’m sorry.  That just kind of came out.

Pity me.  Please. isn’t doing so well anymore, and I need your help.

Tell your dog.  Tell your mom.  Tell your hamster.


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I was at the YMCA when I saw this sign.

This raises the obvious question: If there is no diving in zero feet zero inches, why isn’t there a sign like this everywhere?  There should be a sign in front of your house, like a doormat or something, that warns people not to dive onto your concrete.

I mean, look what happened to the stick figure when he dived without water.

Poor little guy.

(Note: I do not own this picture, I got it off Flickr)


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Are People Really Going To Buy This Thing?


Umm, I just saw the commercial for this “Shake Weight.”

All I can say is FAIL.



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The Magical Journey is not on Video

I decided that there was too much to write about so I made a video.

A really good, entertaining video.

And then I realized that I would have to pay $59.99 for a video upgrade.

I am not pleased with WordPress.


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