A Car Ride O’ Contemplating


After a car ride of contemplating, I have finally come up with an idea  for a blog post.

This is a “Thank God” moment.

Anyways, after a car ride o’ contemplating I’ve realized I need a new slogan.  “Everything you wanted to know, and some of what you didn’t” just won’t cut it anymore.  With over a thousand views, I need something, well, better.

This is where you come in.

Leave a comment with your slogan, and make sure its a good one.  Don’t make it too long, either.  If it’s good enough, it might just be my new slogan.

That’s it.  Adios.

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4 thoughts on “A Car Ride O’ Contemplating

  1. glen says:

    if you think that mailbox nation is such a great band name, you should make that your slogan; mailbox nation

  2. A couple quotes I thought of:

    A Random One: “Matter thinks it’s all that. In fact, it’s so self absorbed, it makes fettuccine Alfredo fall from the sky, which falls on the sad, confused armadillos.” -Theo

    A One on Random: “Sometimes randomness can make your head go insane, until you finally- pineapples” -Theo

  3. Izzy says:

    I say pineapples only when I’m hungry or I’m about to sneeze.

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