The Scariest Video You Will Ever See

Watch this video.  If you dare.

I now have a tendency to look up at the ceiling every minute or so.

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9 thoughts on “The Scariest Video You Will Ever See

  1. O Gosh… That is sooooo creepy…

  2. eyasu says:

    Hey jibbles its me brother olive… you’ll know who it is

  3. Arieda Gardner says:

    From your comments, I thought there would be a huge spider on his head and the camera was all focusing on it…how was that scary? *looks nervously up at the ceiling*

  4. Izzy says:

    once I was violining with my mom and she saw a huge ball of spiderweb on the top of a curtain. so she gets the vacuum and gently starts trying to get it off. All of a sudden, a huge thing falls out of the curtain and hits my mom. she screams. It turns out it was a huge two inch cockroach wrapped up in spiderweb. so we think, what could have done that to something so big. we panic and she starts smacking the curtain with the vacuum. And then IT emerges. … A HUGE BROWN RECLUSE!!!!!!!!! Brown recluses are one of the most poisonous spiders. you would not believe how fast it can run. everything happened in less than five seconds. it practically flew down the curtain and miraculously, into the vacuum. everyone was screaming for like 3 minutes. then we vacuum up a whole bunch of rocks just to kill it and then we take out the bag. nothing happens. we shove the vacuum bag into a smiths bag, shove that into a target bag, shove that into a walmart bag, shove that into a trader joe’s bag, and then finally, a trash bag full of bleach. thats how paranoid my family is.

  5. Izzy says:

    Yes!!!!! My mom and I go out at night to scorpion hunt. I carry the blacklights while she hits them with a stick. 99% of the time, she misses.

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