I have 551 views and a subscriber in Kansas

I got an email today saying that Jacob from Kansas subscribed.

Woohoo!  Kansas, baby!  The Jibbles is going national!

Jacob, if your reading this, I have something I want you to hear:


And also, if anyone else is reading this, I want to thank you for 551 views and counting.  Still, it would be nice if you subscribed.  Just enter your email into the SUBSCRIBE! thingy on the homepage.  Do it.

Do it now.

Like, right now.

Go on.  I know you want to.



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18 thoughts on “I have 551 views and a subscriber in Kansas

  1. AsmoMockingjay says:

    I’m pretty sure I already did… But anyway, WO0t Kansas!GO WEINER DOGS!!!

  2. glen says:

    wahoo i was the first to post, oh and good job jacob

  3. glen says:

    go jacob

  4. glen says:

    sorry Asmomockingjay, didn’t see you, my compuuter sucks

  5. Jacob says:

    I am Jacob and I subscribed today and I’m not from Kansas.

  6. AsmoMockingjay says:


  7. I advertised your website on my website, http://forty-two-42.webs.com
    Just go to the links and it will be there under ‘Friends’ Websites’

  8. glen says:

    jakob spritzer???????

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