My friend had an amazing, totally unique idea for a revolutionary product.

The Snuggly.

Have you ever tried wrapping yourself in a blanket?  Can you imagine the stress and the effort it takes into wrapping yourself in a blanket?  Well, those days are over.

Introducing the new “Snuggly!”  Its the blanket with legs!  Critics are calling it, “The most OK blanket with legs I have ever heard of.”

Get yours now!  This product is worth almost a hundred and fifty dollars, but if you call now, it’s at a low, low price.  Only three easy payments $49.99!  So call this number: 1-800-SnugglyiesRule, or go to

Note: Snugglies are a registered trademark of Stupid inc. and are not, in any way, trying to rip off the “Snuggie” company.  Also, Snugglies are not for children under the age of 5 because they could get stuck in the leg-holes.

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4 thoughts on “Snuggly

  1. Asmo Mockingjay says:

    nHahaha! Ill take twenty! you justed said Fail!

  2. O.o I should call it! 😛

  3. glen says:

    you should have your friend collaborate with the “snuggy” brand and make the blanket with legs AND arms

  4. Izzy says:

    I have a snuggy. with cute little monsters on it. 🙂

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