Happy Hamburger Day

Happy National Hamburger Day!

Yes, March 28th is official burger day.  For your personal enjoyment, I have a list of hamburger facts.

(Cue elevator music)

Largest commercially available hamburger: 164.8 pounds

Most hamburgers eaten in 10 minutes: 21

The first hamburgers were made in 1904 in St. Louis.

Hamburgers used to be called “Hamburg Steaks.”

The cheeseburger was invented in 1924.

Hamburgers aren’t actually made of hamburger meat, they’re made of headcheese.

Just checking to see if you were listening.

Well, that’s it.  Happy hamburger Day!

Wait!  I forgot!

How many hamburgers have you eaten in one sitting?  Leave a comment and tell me about it.


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4 thoughts on “Happy Hamburger Day

  1. Asmo Mockingjay says:

    If you mean by patties, I have eaten 2. if you mean by the entire thing, i have eaten 1. in fact, today i had a hamburger…

  2. I have eaten three hamburgers in one sitting (It was a dare)
    Now I pray that I haven’t eaten a pig’s face.

  3. glen says:

    i ate five in one sitting on my fifth birthday

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