Evil Naked Babies

A first glance, you might think this was your average nude-baby picture.

You would be wrong.

Very wrong.

Look at the eyes.  The eyes!  Little black ovals staring menacingly into the distance.  These babies would obviously stop at nothing to kill you.  They would enjoy seeing you in pain.  They would even laugh at the very thought of it.

Did I mention that they’re armed?

With bows and arrows?

I can imagine this:

A normal sunny day in Las Vegas, the birds are singing, blah blah blah blah.  Then, suddenly, little Timmy falls on his face, dead.

One of the witnesses cries out, “He’s been shot with a bow and arrow!”

No more Timmy.

Don’t make the same mistake as poor Timmy.  Wear full body protection 24/7.  Trust no one.

Especially the babies.

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6 thoughts on “Evil Naked Babies

  1. AsmoMockingjay says:


  2. ME says:

    Hyde Park

  3. ME says:

    You know exactly who i am kirk. lol.

  4. Summoned by Dr. Octagonapus himself

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