Why I’m Afraid Of The Toilet

I am afraid of the toilet.


It comes down to this: spiders.  As disturbing as it is, I worry that a spider lives in my toilet.

I know. Freaky.

And what if, the spider decides to go for a little stroll, and accidentally ends up in my intestines?  Even worse, what if that spider was pregnant?

A pregnant spider.  In my intestines.  Ready to give birth to five hundred babies that will feast on my organs.

I am not looking forward to that day.

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4 thoughts on “Why I’m Afraid Of The Toilet

  1. AsmoMockingjay says:

    ok. Great post. (no sarcasm, no really.)

    Lets make a sentence from your tags…
    Thejibbles are afraid of scary spider in toilet with venom, horror surrounds me, MILEY CYRUS SPIDER!!!!

  2. TheoTelshalla says:

    Thats what I think when I walk to the bathroom downstairs. Well, not exactly what I think. I more of imagine this giant spider the size of a viola jumping out of the toilet when I walk in and eating my face…

    Can spiders eat faces?

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